Humans in Disguise


Humans in Disguise                                         We seek on this ground                                  this ground called Earth,                                have we been here before?                              walked before birth?                                     Our beliefs, if worked for,                                Of why we're here                                           to spirits and mortals                               Will someday be clear.                                   We can live under a bridge                               Or above hollywoods ridge,                               No matter where
We are all the same                     Good hearts who know,                                  feed life its flame.                                   One purpose of life:
live it rightly filled               A foundation of hope                                     is a good start to build.                             Every life has value,                                    no more or no less.                                   Some eyes only choose                                    to see colors of chess.                                  We humans are great,                                 great creatures to be.                                 Some have obscured
the ability to see.                   See not with words,                                     and not with hands.                                       We are all no different                                 from mountains to sands.                                   We should see with heart                                 for the heart has eyes.                                  We will not always be
Humans in disguise.                  -Cherokie Limb


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