they will end me


blistered skin,

that whispers flayed.

my life, a cage,

to which I'm chained.

Haunting voices,

following close,

the creeping utterances,

my subtle foe.

feet trimmed by velvet,

glass teeth white,

their heinous beauty,

stems my fight.

Beauty trimmed,

In Devil's glimmer,

Behind sweet Angels,

lies rancors Sinners.

With claws of gold,

they tear feeble flesh,

saw away bone.

'til victims lament.

Beautiful claws,

death kissed daggers,

vicous ill will,

spread poision like cancer.

As I walk,

through neutral borders,

into my back,

bores my peers torture.

Beautiful claws,

whose beauty is black,

creep closer to skin,

nicking my neck,

enclosing my throat,

with hateful breath.

enclosing my neck,

continuing to speak,

the more they talk,

the less I breathe,

their chattering talk,

drowns out my screams.

crushing my neck,

crushing my dreams,

no ones here,

to intervene.

No one answers,

my loudest screams.

Leaving my naked,

to golds cruel gleam.






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