Beautiful Like the Night


When I was young I was teased and called burned

Going home with grief my skin had me earn

I  was ugly, I was dark and gave people a fright

I was ugly, I was dark, I looked like the night


Their definition of beauty was different than mines

I was smart and I was kind and that was just fine

With me of course, not them, but they wouldn't understand

I didn't force it, so I just did what I can


They hated themselves and saw something in me I couldn't see

They saw my beauty, they saw me

They saw the cheekbones and the way my eyes glowed

You would never notice, how I would always looked at the floor

My confidence low and my head lower

Never noticing they were on their own emotional roller coaster


Their problems, not mines, I'm innocent you see

I'm just a pretty chocolate girl who's heart is a big as the sea

I looked at myself and realized I was a star

Never let them bring me into the dark place where they are


I finally realized I am a queen

Picked my head up and felt so free

It felt so good and I felt so right

I felt beautiful, just like the night


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