Not my name

Five letters 

Three syllables

One meaning


That you disrupt when you put an r after the a 

Or r instead of n

Or e or I instead of a

I mean how hard can it be

No I am not my twin

Not my brother 

Not your cousin

I am peace

I am not a man

Five letters 

Three syllables

One meaning and you can't seem to get it right

I am not green with a presidents face covering mine

No dollar signs cover my shoulder

So if you ask me if I'm free today

Hell no I'm expensive 

At the expense of you getting it wrong...again

Pause rewind play it back

Now let's see how many of those 

Five letters 

Three syllables

You can get right this time

Time is of the essence and I have none to waste

My name comes from the motherland

Africa represent

Now I haven't been but to disgrace the name of my ancestors homeland

With mockery will have them turning in their graves

I mean they have entrusted me with only

Five letters

Three syllables

With one meaning


That is being tainted by your wicked mouths

My name is proudly displayed in these messed up streets

Promoting peace and you still can't identify it

Can you not see how much pride there is in just

Five letters

Three syllables

With one meaning

It's not Amari, armani, emani or imani

It will never be the same difference

So speak it right or not at all

It's a shame people can't seem to pronounce their words right

Back to kindergarten is where you need to go

My name is so easy the Japanese can say it with no problem

So next time your yelling my name 

Are you saying me

Or the person you want me to be

My name is Amani




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