Real Skin

Sat, 11/10/2018 - 15:08 -- Sirabi



All my life I thought 

Did I my color really matter 

No matter how much I had 

On my plate 

I gave my all to the ones I loved 

Serve myself on a platter

I try not to stumble 

Nor stammer 

But I see through you 

Like you see me 

Going through a existential crisis 

I’m just a broken racial mirror 

With all these white folks 

With white hoods

And fake goods

Gun smoke

Rid us like cannibals

Made us broke

Making blacks the most endangered 


Being black then was back when

In their eyes time never passed

To prove we see the murders the masses 

We Taking a time lapse 

In their eyes were dirty roaches

Waiting to be squashed

Trying to lynch us and shoot us

Their own kids are brainwashed 

With the color of my own skin

Black culture flows through my veils

Not edit

In their senses they hate us

But Racism isn’t genetic 

To throw shade 

We have just as much as you do 

Each and everyone of us are humans 

Just like you

We scream 


You say 

All lives do 

You try to protest our protest 

But they always cared about you 

No matter how many times 

We struggle to the top 

You’ve never 

Seen us stop

And we seen our melanin 

In your shops 

You care bout our people 

Questionable terms we retaliate 

One bad move with governors or presidents 

You just assassinate

I don’t cry whine 

But it makes me sick

Cuz I’m just a young stubborn girl 

But to them that doesn’t seem

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world



Please let me know your thoughts on this. Typos? Grammar? Needs a little add one or take outs? Feel free to criticize.

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