Autumn Leaves

November 30, 2013


Autumn Leaves


These autumn leaves ride the golden breeze

So warm and inviting

This city hasn’t felt a night like this in lifetimes

Memories of dancing in the open fields and the cascading Maples

Eyes glimmering, like Orion’s Belt on this ebony night

The chars of a long past flame sit in the earth

And the outlines of footprints still linger in the dirt;


A musky, dank cigarette butt still pressed down tight

A “Newport”

Bottom of the barrel

But the taste still lingers on my tongue and the stale air in my lungs


   I sit on this stump

  My back aches as I gaze up at the milky night

  Diamonds scattered across the sky

  Sit next to me and I shall serenade

  The notes vibrate of the strings,

  Sending waves through the dawn


The sun peaks over the horizon

I turn to you and take your hand;

So cold

My warmth engulfs your chill and equilibrium is met

Stay with me in this autumn night





I sat outside one day and realized the similarities I felt between nature and love. 

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