Social Mental War

People walking the streets with their gold, as if life to them will never feel cold

That's what we want to see, is the life that was meant to be, for me.

Do you really want all you desire? As if rain will come to put out the fire?



Realize that life never is that easy, 'specially for ones who are always bleeding.

Waterfalls of red spray everywhere, but you act as if nothing is there.

How can you say they will get humble when you yourself don't know their struggles, in life.


Know that every pair of eyes has a story, whether you want to believe or feel stony.

Their heart is shrinking to the core, like the flower who can't strive for more.

If you feel that they should just forget it all, they can't; it's too much to stall.


Angels and Demons inside fight for control, and ever bigger it goes, that hole.

Chaos rules the mind like an inferno with no means of forward or behind.

You believe a simple cross or pat to the back will make things better; think again. Healing is always harder.


Look. See. Listen. Feel. If you can't say unto them harmony and peace, then don't bugger them endlessly until they cease.


Life is short. Don't make it shorter.


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