The Ocean's Maiden




A sea foam cardigan covered her beautiful tan skin

She approched me with no knowlege that I existed,

So I made my presence known in an instant, 

"Excuse me, I have been in the city all day, and you are the most beautiful girl I've seen"

We locked eyes, the rest of the story feels like a dream.

Question after question, we asked eachother,

Not until deep into our conversation, I found that this maiden, had a lover.

It crushed my heart, but, I continued to inquire into her mind,

It helped me, because I was clueless on what I would find.

My love for her grew stronger with every passing word, 

She told me her favorite color, and her favorite guitar chord

The ferry gate opened, I walked her to her seat 

Her hair radiated like Poseidon's Trident in the depths of the ocean.

I could see nothing but her.

I sat down, I knew that I must never let her go.

The ferry ride ended after I explored her every emotion

I knew at that moment, that this love was potent.

We exchanged numbers, I told her I would call her

but I don't want to seem alarming, so I'll wait before I holler.

She saw her mom in the lot and left me by my lonesome,

I watched her walk away, the ocean breeze undid her hair,

But my love had just fastened.


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