In love
Your heart gains a sharp feeling,
Like a dull pencil.
Your eyes sparkle,
Like tinker bells light as it dies out.
It stops your heart
But you continue to live.
You take me to a place;
A place where the sharp pencils are dull
And the blue skies turn gray.
A place where the sun tempts to break through
But scared away by the roaring thunder.
The smell of sweet candy ruined by your bitter attitude
The smell so bomb,
I was flabbergasted
The feeling I felt,
So revolting
Almost as if it were swag,
Love from you is absurd.
Nothing but a sharp dull pencil. 
If I had the chance I would use a sharp pencil to change the way one acts 
to treat love the way it should be 
to show love to one another the way it's suppose to be 


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