Let's talk About It

I see red rivers of blood

not merely puddles

You would think that this is a horror story

But this a contiguous continuous struggle


America you are a bully

Those kids did nothing to you

You are making "Muslim" an insult

As Germany once did to "Jew"

You want immigrants in recognizable clothing

You want mass deportation

and scape-goats 

We all know your greatest role model

An eventually you'll end up precisely where he roams

Money doesn't make the trip.


You murder and kill for money

For a life outside of cycles all of your children compete

But some will never make it past the ghettos

Let alone passed the chosen elite


Your children are screaming and crying

Your method to help is spread hate

Some over eating and others starving themselves

While other children can't decide this fate


I'd hope someone would take your children away

But the system's so dark at times

How do you see life so differently

How do you see living life as a crime

How did You let another little one

A baby with no choice to choose

Live a story we're all nearly numb from

Get torn from life without justice- but bullet wounds


Can't you see that our world is crying

Resources gone

Species vanishing off

This is the new apocalypse

We all are angry, out of control, or lost


When someone powerless enough to know love

becomes powerful enough to swich the roles

And teach that the Earth's more than money

Maybe then only then

Our prodgeny can look forward to the days which shine sunny 

Instead of a reflection in a puddle that lies muddy

Or around the world in rivers that run bloody



This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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