Time Traveler

He has decisions from his past that he regrets. A time machine. Maybe if he makes a time machine, then he can change what he has done.
He started to study quantum physics, the space time continuum, and was inspired to look at all the Back to the Future movies. Anything will help.
He done things that harmed the people he love, and also himself. Regret is a hard thing to live with. It's like having a pessimistic person live on your shoulder to only spew negativity in your ear.
He started to go to thrift stores, electronic outlets, and IBM to find the pieces that he needed to construct a time machine.
A scientist he was not, but anything to change his past he was willing to give it a shot.
The time machine was in the making. Wiring took the longest time and building the portal to the past was the hardest. Can his HP laptop handle this? Each piece he put on the time machine he could feel that changing the past was no longer a dream. The time machine was finally complete. All he had to do now was push a button and all his past mistakes he could change.
Fingers sweating as he got closer to push the button. Before he could push the button electricity sparked in his closet and his room flashed blue. Someone came out from the closet but he could not tell who it was due to the blinding flash.
"Do not press that button!" The mysterious person said. He got his sight back as the flash affects worn off. The person looked familiar as if he knew him. Why does he look so familiar? "I am you from the future." The man said as he stepped out of the closet. "If you press that button then you will suffer greater consequences than the ones you are trying to escape from. The past is nothing to meddle with. Yes, you made mistakes but you are you because of what you've been through."
"But I stole, I lied, I cheated, I used people and hurt more than I ever could."
"I know that very well because I've done the same things, because I am you."
"How did you make it through the day? How did you get out of bed? How could you live with yourself?"
"In the beginning it was hard. I had to live with the decisions I've made. I had to continue to live even when I didn't want to. Because someone will come along and love you for who you are. The mistakes you made are for you to learn from. If we can freely change the past, then we are sacrificing our humanity for a past with out screw ups and comfort for the future. Humans mess up. How else can we learn? I think your humanity is more than comfort and a life without regrets. " The time traveler stepped back into the closet and said, "Well, I came to warn you and now it's your decision. Do you press that button or not? He thought and thought and thought. The time traveler hugged his past self and gave him a wave goodbye. He stepped in the closet and it sparked blue again. His future self was gone.
He was now alone again. He had himself, the time machine, his past failures, and the advice from his future self aching in his mind.
"Ahhhh!", he yelled and it echoed off of his off white walls.
He wanted to change his past, but he wanted to learn from his mistakes, too. So, he took his time machine and locked it away in his closet. If mistakes are to be learned from, then he has a lot to be learning. He left his room to see what life had to offer. He has years of scars, aches and pains that needed to be tended to. Without struggle you overlook the things that are beautiful. *The almost time traveler is finding peace.*

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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