This isn't America

If you go outside

You will hear the sounds of a country

A country that used to be a place of refuge

That is now becoming the opposite


Where guns go off in schools

And the lives of our future are taken


The cries of children

Who have been torn apart from their mothers


The victims of assault and discrimination

Are being ignored because they are labled as over dramatic


Where equality is still being fought for

Between every gender, race, religion and more


Above all of this you can hear the voice

Of the man who caused it all

The leader of this country

He is the one despised by his own people

So why does he still reign superior?


This poem is about: 
Our world



I like the poem, but just a caution: believing that one person is repsonsible for everything that is going on in America is not wise. Every American is responsible, especially because the people elect the officials.

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