washington d c is a monument city


washington d.c. is a monument city looking pretty a city with white monuments every where throughout the whole city, monuments for you to see, which show the american history in our life monuments that don't cause any strife. washington have a monument elephant that stand high as the sky, a big monument that will make you look high, washington is a monument city with monument that is a part of the american history. everybody should make a trip to washingtopn city to see part nof history. washington have rich history with many blacks in the city. they have lincoln in the chaire with forty nine flags flying in the air around nthe tallest monument their. why should you care because their is history their with those monuments their. when you see those monument their you know their is lot of history thier, that is why we should care, and their 85% black people their that is rear with mall that history their, they are monuments that is not scare it's just alot of history their to stare washington have alot of monuments their to care, check out the monuments in that city it will tell you aqbout black history. washington d.c. is a monument city.

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My country
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rocky5 alive

ii hope that all american will read this poetry' this is poetry nwith your mind in mind and with rich histor let the people hear about the author rocky 5 alive who write poetry with the people mind in mind. and tell you about a little history. poets should write positive poetry witrh the people mind in mind. i want the people to read good poetry with their nmind in mind. all poets when writing should have the people mind in mind. rocky 5 alive poetry is alive and not jive. it's poetry with the people mind in mind.

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