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United States
30° 14' 41.208" N, 93° 17' 18.7656" W

Theology twisted, robbing the poor

Sick religions have the saints misunderstood

U.S. economy in it for self

Rich stiff necked scholars still seeking knowledge

But graduated from a top Ivy League college

World sick and twisted

Because of the lives and souls being tricked

Dreams smashed because of words

Words from a prisoner of words unsaid

Lives trashed because of old church folk

Making heavy burdens on someone else's yolk

Check the motives and thoughts of our society

You stay silent when you see something unfair

But expect somebody else to stand up for you

You call yourself a christian and holy

But you're out condemning others you don't even love

Words come from your mouth

Hurting others and crushing their feelings

But you want them to spare yours

Check your motives and thoughts

You change what God gave you from birth

To please society

When society only wants your soul

A story that's been told long ago

Now you're angry because the truth is still not being told

But remember back in history when you were sold for just a buck

Now you're living a life that still doesn't have any luck

You're in a world where man wants to be in control

God's job is trying to be taken from a man that forsaked him years and years ago

You're a slave of society

A slave of ethnicity

A slave of unforgettable mistakes

A slave of the bittersweet taste of lies and misfortune

A slave that tried to be free of these chains

But couldn't

Because of society's and your motives and thoughts



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