Xmas Is In Air

Somebody may have already uttered

These wonderful words: Xmas is in the airChristmas is about Peace and Joy everywherePapa Noël is about Love and Respect everywhereJews are invitedBuddhists are welcomeChristians are invitedAdventists are welcomeMuslims are invitedEverybody is welcomeThere is nothing controversialAbout human beings loving each otherEveryone ought to be showeredWith Peace and LoveLet's make it universal or globalLet's stir at the stars aboveTo find Hope and BrotherhoodLet's keep the festive spirit in the airAlive throughout the yearLet's keep everything wonderfulSimple, peaceful and beautifulChristmas is in the air, let's rejoiceLet's make Peace the universal choiceAnd wish everyone very happy holidaysLet's celebrate amicably our ways. Hebert Logerie

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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