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Bloodshed, yelling and screaming in a world in which I took my stance
All I got was an undesirable glance
I didn't apologize for the need for equality
So I proceeded in my seat in a world shaken without harmony
1955... the year I was locked away
A memory today that is worthwhile to stay
And I had a dream that someday colors would blend
Somewhat like the spectrum of a rainbow seen as a symbol of peace and heaven
So I improved the world shaken without harmony
Perhaps it was my boycott that made the woman suffer in prison's misery
But I honestly attempted to improve history
Campaigns, books, my famous speech was my trust of seeing the world as half-glass full
I believed in a world in which the roots of equality just needed a pull
And after things got better I decided to stop letting those tears shed
Of women dominated by unfairness and other men
And so I stood up and got those rights
Discrimination is a worthwhile fight
I lived in a world shaken without harmony
In which I express every viewpoint, every story representing inequality
I was once a rotten fruit among the ones that believed they were ripe
Unneeded...while others would for what reason gripe?
What did we do except be born another color?
God wouldn't create us to be hated by others
But I thank him and them that the world today is in unity
Since they improved the world and set it with harmony.

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