Wed, 09/24/2014 - 14:38 -- l.c

On the edge of the milky way I stand
Tripping on the sanity that I may or may not have

The stars are rushing past me 
And the moons are spinning 'round
No hands reach out to grab me
I'm alone, I understand

But I am the only one
Who will ever get my ways
Because to understand me
You have to live this way

You have to wander across the sky
And watch as light breaks through
You have to see beyond the black 
Beyond the fear and pain

You have to see beyond yourself
and give up love and shame

But as I said another day
Another time, it's true
I'm tripping on insanity 
My life is breaking through it

Breaking the lighted glass 
that is called the stars above
Above what?

I am a star 
And I will light the way
But the shine that I once had 
Has gone back to the past 

Now this stars exploding
Ripping, tearing through

Now this light is fading
And my life, my mind has scattered 
Throwing thoughts around 
I am cursing, screaming, yelling
And a burning hell was found

But the sparks I have ignited 
Sent children far and wide
Creating this Galaxy 
In which your worlds turning
And where the stars may stride

But I had not met my sanity
Until the darkness took control 
And the light was taught to shine



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