The Freedom That So Many Have Died For.


Merging onto streets.
We flood as an aid to those in need.
We see the pain, cries, and pleas.
Freedom is so everlasting.

The colors that paint our nation
the stars that guide our sons.
We hear the cries, pleas, and silence.
That fills the vacant minds of family.

We say goodbye
but truly mean see you later.
Could, would and should are words with no meaning.
We build our foundation.

You're on a plane
as I sit on the ground.
Feeling the grass, looking at the sky.

the taste of freedom
is a craving for so many
and we take for granted
that very thing so many have
and continue to die for.

In the morning we all pledge and pause for a moment
is it that hard to pause for a minute?
Pray for those families
for that soldier who gave you that minute?
Those very minutes of freedom.

Blood is shed for the life you live daily.
Grab your phone, text your friends, upload the next photo
while a soldier off at war longs for the next phone call he can make
just to tell his family, and friends that he loves them.

but then there's a click
and just like a life that phone call ended.
Within the snap of a finger so many things are gone
but our flag still sways along with the breeze
and the freedom which surrounds us.

Just pause for a moment
take that very breath somone sacarficed theirs for
Think of all the people, the things given up for you to be here
to take that moment of silence and be completely still.
Mourn the losses of our nation's heros, all of the forgotten heros.

Paint our nation in red, white, and blue.
Color the nation with patriotism.
Stand in silence
a pure moment of tranquility
and feel the freedom.
The freedom that so many have died for.



This is absolutley amazing...My sister is a soldier and i kept thinking of her as i read it, nearly made me cry. beautiful.


Thank you! I really appreciate it. My dad is in the marines and sister is in the army. I'm proud of both of them and thank your family for their service! 


So true, so many people in my class at school do not understand the importance of a moment  of silence, but being the daughter of a soldier, you understand that you would love to have some praying or just thinking about you for one simple minute.


Thank you

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