Spin Master

Check one on the mic I'm about to bite
a victim of race spread out your Peyton place
let me take you down to the hood
this is where you get the real lessons in life
Hustlers pimping their rides
bitches screaming cause their fix is dreaming
the place where you get the good blow
I should have come here years ago
out of its silence its a game of violence
guns being drawn out in your face
for some its a social disgrace
still you can learn about how true rap pops
boogy down to your socks just like Scott Lerock
its their you will sift through the latest trends
such as Fetty Wap blowing up the scene
then their are those people who are very mean
the streets can either make you or break you
For me I'm a spin master in my social disaster
Breaking down rhymes in my frying pan
Sticking up for the one's who say," Yes We Can"
Instead of keep sticking it to the man with the plan
You need a heart that's filled with gold
So you will do what you are told until the very rights to you are sold
It's like a jungle sometimes but it makes me wonder
blasting out tracks like Stevie Wonder
your a bundle of joy out holding your own
paying the bills cheap thrills in the back of the car
Learn from your mistakes son & it will make you go far
Only one life is soon to be done only what's done out of love will last
Nobody get a free pass we all have free will
Rap is for winners turning sinners to saints
turning hate to love from the warm hand up above
so keep your dope joint clean if you know what I mean
a winner is just another loser that falls down but gets up & gives it one last try...

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My community


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