Leap Year

If I died, I’d cry

But if I didn’t, then I’d never be alive

I think I’m sad sometimes

But other times I think that I’m just lying

I like to sing out loud about death

And feeling bad, and never being their yet

But really I just like to sing “I died”

It rhymes so well, and flows out of my mind like an air vent


And I keep on popping poppy seeds off

Muffin tops and sprinkle in the ground

A little poison can hurt no one

And a lot in tiny bits works just as well


I think the people think about me

Only bad or not at all

Unless I really think about it

Then they think well and I stand tall

I guess I never pay attention

I just feel the way I feel

And how I feel right now’s forever

And how I felt’s not me at all


And I keep on checking doors behind me

Check the locks, and turn the key once more

It worked as good the first time

But any time it fails, I’m vulnerable


I like to love my family

But loving them can hurt the most

Unless I just stop caring

And I love them as they are, they’re wonderful

They may not be here forever

But God knows sure as shit, neither will I

So let’s just sing a song together

And smile and not talk about our lives


And I keep on linking mittens

So the lost one never ventures on its own

And sure, my hands get frostbit together

But symmetry is what makes a house a home


Now I don’t think that my crying is going all that well

And the sighs are wasted breath, and the laying here has held

Me together, but what’s so bad about falling all apart?

I make a work of art, then I can repair all the broken parts

And tying me together are the friends that are smiling

And tying me together is the sunlight billowing in

Through the window I left open when I went to talk to

Mom and Dad and Randa about things that didn’t matter


Don’t cut the chatter

This poem is about: 
My family


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