Doing Time

Doing Time

put you rubbers on talk to your john
switch to the rhyme we all stand alone
look inside we got nothing to hide
with random words got my head in a stir

Used to be an every day dream when people scream
blowing up the charts in my crazy scheme
sitting back at night eating lean Quisine
it's a rat tit a tat on that ass

know one in this life gets by on any free pass
you look at my screwy like I'm in a movie
I'm the over weight brother master M.V.
living my life so naturally

got a nine in my pocket for security
hook one to the joint I rolled my first blunt
like the way that actress look that blonde Helen Hunt
take me away to that beach with surf and stand

let me be the first to understand
you can't go through life sticking it to the man
now I got to work on my tan
the high hat man is in jail

a hit and run & Shug Knight gets nailed
it used to mean something to be so brave
today you get stuck in your shorts with an underage
I'm just doing time but that's fine

Coasting fan rims in my body kit car
seeing how close you can get so far
I got dreams in flight so I'll stay up all night
busting rhymes as I do a few lines

we grasp through straws better watch your draws
A blast from the past having so much fun with a hope it would last
yesterday was such a simple game for me to play
but then let's face it still its easier today

Don't delay get down on your knees to pray
time is the money and the money is time
hold your head up high cause that's the end of the rhyme

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