No One Knows

Blind, Oblivious, Bastards



I see you all, I hear you all, I know you all

You do not see me, you do not hear me, you do not know me



You speak loud words of nothing

I preach words of wisdom



You strut your figures, with a misunderstood confidence

I walk with strength, with a fighting confidence of true self



You laugh at other's weaknesses, and search for every fault

I hold those falling, and find goodness within all



You study for scores of numbers, from which will prove your worth

I study but fail every test, I am evermore worthy to the gift of life



You follow idols, of every movie, music, and radio fame

I follow my lord, and every angel, ancestor, and guiding soul



You say I am annoying, a bitch, and depressed

I say you are blind, Oblivious, bastards



And it is ever so sad



So here we are.

I am an outcast, a weirdo, and loser



I cry tears of sorrow for my brothers and sisters so lost

I see their inner beauty fighting, reaching for the sun's energy



But they are brainwashed and become Oblivious

Blind to life and the true beauty of nature

Blind to the horrids they sometimes unknowingly create



And our helpless world is dyeing

The bastards poisoning it, ignorant to the suffering

merely lost, slay the earth, seeming cold and without love



So here we are

the few souls shinning

living a tragedy of frustration



I have two hands to create

A mind to think thoughts

Legs to carry

A heart to love endlessly

And a soul to always be found



Why do we not use these gifts of life properly?

Society deems the dreamers insane

We are insane enough to change the world

Crazy enough to save the world.



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