ABCs of a KiDs life


 WrnAmbitious Blatant Contradiction Dead Eradicator Frivolous Genius Hasty Implementor Juvenile Knowledge Lonely Missionary Nascent Ostentatious Pride Quiet Rebellious Samaritan Talented Unusual Volatile Witty Xenogenic Youthful Zeal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I am a firm believer that actions always speak louder than words, but sometimes words are more powerful than verbs, poetry and music are my getaway, a place inside a place where everything is erased, i realized that poetry is the closest to cloning for me, because the best person who can understand me is me, so i write to vent writing the feelings that are pent up, at first without knowing indirectly it would help others get help back up, I want to be one of a kind, i don't wanna read my words and feel blind, to understand me i had to show the ABCs, so the world can honestly know my life and goals which are my life's keys,  "to change the world" is the reason i write, being told peace is too far fetch is the reason why i write, hatred joy sadness estactic happiness is the reason i write, showing others the way is the reason i write, but before i write i have to annihilate all spite, cause a preachers actions who aren't right could never bring peace to light. And that! is why I write.                          


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