A poem for Trayvon

Sun, 07/14/2013 - 04:39 -- dkaur


You want an idea of human rights,
but are you ready to listen to the fights.
Listen, listen carefully to my rhymes,
about the absurd things occurring in prime time.
You know about these absentees,
because people talk all the time, about such crime.
Black crime, white crime, it's all the same,
unless you are a white man who kills based on race.
Self defense is the excuse you use,
to kill a defenseless boy with that gun you drew.
Out of the hidden place within your clothing,
came that weapon you held with loathing.
A dark place within you where fear became hate,
and where self defense became a reason to congratulate.
One more life lost to the white man; one more life and no one gives a damn.
"It was a case of self defense." They said, trying to sugar coat it.  
But the reality and shame was that the jury would uphold it.
"No justice no peace," yelled the people in the crowd,
as the defense team laughed and said, "We're going to make the white man proud." Trayvon, I'm sorry there was no justice for your murder,
but tomorrow is another day and I pray there are no further.
Victims, witnesses, mamas and daddies,
who lose their lives to ignorance and racial profiling tragedies.
But we can not live in agony. We have to stand up and fight.
Because no one understands our plight.
Let that future mother know that her son can walk the streets at night,
without being treated like a threat and shown heavens light.
Look at what we as people have become, or better yet, a phantom.
Change is much needed and it won't come with a rant you just tweeted.
Trayvon has become another symbol, but how many more are we waiting for.
We need a new agenda, one that strives for peace and change.
within our hearts that is reflected in the streets.
And not just something to recall off of paper sheets.
Don't judge a book by it's cover is what we teach,
but rarely is it reflected in our lives so I preach.
Do not forget Trayvon, as he is a memory,
but let us move on and create change that will last an eternity.


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