The Puzzle

That aged gentleman

Walking aimlessly

Down the street,

Jagged, broken, empty,

He fits.


That weary mother

Holding her crying baby

At the bus stop,

Pure, beautiful, blessed,

She fits.


That innocent child

Running around with his peers

On the playground,

Joyful, vivacious carefree,

He fits.


That fatigued veteran

Kneeling with hands folded tranquilly

In the worn out pew,

Strong, fulfilled, passionate,

He fits.


That bewildered face

Staring back at you

In the mirror on the wall,

Confused, lost, stressed,

You fit.


We have goals and dreams that

We help one another achieve.

We have pains and struggles that

We help one another relieve.

But we are alive, and

We have lives

That intertwine flawlessly.

We love one another.

We lean on one another.

We fit.



This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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