A Perfect Reflection

Standing at the top of this hill,

I sit, stand, and laugh at hell,


"What a perfect reflection we see of ourselves."


With respect,

"I know it may seem cold to say just what I see,

But when I think twice,

And then I, then I speak,

Is when I appear to be,

Merely sequenced to the seems that spring through your

Beautiful blue carbon eyes,

On second thought...

I thought twice."


With all things considered.

Together we can gather all our thoughts,

Inside this little alpine box.

We can shift the weight and watch it fly away.


In a beautiful haze and amber hue reflects,

My inner heart's respect,

For the fog that takes my breathe away,

And I can say,


"If I get stressed, its just a feeling,

If I can't confess what I've been thinking,

I'll float like a feather,

Never mind the weather,

There are little known secrets we will find together."



We are one in the same.

Blessed rose peddle dreams,

In sync with an avenue of freedom,

In search of a perfect reflection...

In this dream I can see myself paralleled with hell,

I can justify the love we sell,

I'm at an apex and I have to ask,


"Is that you I see through the looking glass?"


This poem is about: 
My country


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