Best Day of My Life


San Marineo Square
Harrison Avenue Garfield, NJ
United States
30° 0' 13.5792" N, 90° 5' 48.8004" W

Summer 06'

Circled around the screen is my family

Grandpa in his recliner sitting stern and proud

My little brothers cheering loud

My mother and father clasping their hands

Sharing the excitement with those in the stands

of a stadium in Berlin, miles away

The World Cup Finals are held today

It's down to penatly kicks between Italy and France

Trezeguet missed now Azzurri has a chance

It comes down to you great Fabio Grosso 

Our penalty kick virtuoso 

Amongst a breathless moment shared around the world

You kicked the ball and I watched it hurled 

Deep to the back of the net we jumped up with cheers

Your amzing skills have shed the fears

Of dealing with loss for another four years

Tears swelled from my face, nothing but smiles

Cars took the streets honking for miles

We walked to Harrison Ave, what good times we had

My baby brother on the shoulders of my dad

Parading the streets, dozens of Italians deep

Clapping our hands and stomping our feet

Now I relive this moment every World Cup

And can't help to cry when memories come up

Grandma is gone, the neighborhood changed

But I'll never forget the glory that day



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