Serious Effect


Social destruction, conflicts arise

Pathological behavior, responsible for demise

Money spent on weapons of mass destruction 

Lives are lost, a significant deduction 

Amputations, mutilations, people cry out in aggravation

Psychotic activity, men and women in captivity

Senseless situations, with no words of explanation 

In vanity, children are killed in this insanity 

I shout in vexation, “What's with this generation?”

We fail to realize how many people suddenly die

Reasons of hate, ignorance, and discrimination

Worldwide battles, and conflict deprive people's lives

Nuclear weapons used by people to retaliate

How can you hate violence, but enforce arms and participate 

People torn apart, soldiers lay there in tragedy 

Killing or getting killed, losing their life in agony

They don't be giving a damn, just letting it go on

The people don't matter to them, all about pros and cons

Bombs blowing up, not knowing what to expect

Allies bringing the worst, don't care who it'll affect

Peace treaties contradicted, an attack of surprise

You can't imagine how tragic this is through a soldier's eyes

This isn't just an issue that's been happening too long

This isn't just a topic that can be put in a song

What we continue to deal with is far much more

Maybe someday we'll end this tragedy called war!


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