Candlelight at the Lake

Walking along down that road we all know

Forever our happy place the best place to go

Friends forever I know we will be

At our second home, where we feel truly free


Strolling along to the lake we wont forget

Laughing at the jokes only we will get

Making detours to rock hop in the creek

In this place of peace, nothing can compete


This place in the mountains

The place that few know

Is where we all come together

To learn and to grow 


My times here have been kind of short but sweet

And they’ve been made perfect by the people I meet

Friends from all over, the new and the old

Teach me to stand up and learn to be bold


Once a year I attend this place of true peace

Where each of us start a new journey

And nowhere else on this earth can compete

With this place that is free of all worry


Dancing and singing to our favorite songs

Getting energized in the place where we belong

Meeting new people and finding new friends

Those people on who you can truly depend


Together in this place we know we’re all one

Making memories and hoping the week is never done

Lean on Me has never been sung so loud

It’s the only place you feel heard in such a big crowd


Raising candle’s round the lake and singing songs of praise

Saying goodbye to the friends who are having their last days

In these mountains where we all find our home

We know we’ll all come back, no matter where we roam


The memories made here have made my life whole

And talking about it is food for the soul

So next time you need a place for inspiration

I recommend this meaningful vacation

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This poem is about: 
My community


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