My Brother and I will fight.


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My Brother and I will fight.
By: J.A. Palluconi
I see through his eyes and into his soul.
I then look at mine.
I hear his cry for what’s right and for what’s been lost.
I then hear mine.
I look into his past, his struggles, his victories, his lies.
I then look at mine.
I see his happiness, his pain, his anger and his dreams.
I then look at mine.
They are the same.
I look at his face and all its features.
I then look at mine.
They are different.
I look at his scars, those above the skin and those below the skin.
I then look at mine.
They are different.
Oh, my Brother what have they done to you, to this nation, to her ideas.
By standings I am higher and you are lower.
Oh, my brother I feel like the same as you do.
Fire hoses, dogs, burnt crosses and sticks have damaged your skin.
Oh, my brother as they harm you, they are harming me.
I wish, my brother, that you would grab my hand.
Let us go not to a better land. But let us make this land better again.
Let me walk by your side, let me hold your prayers; let me feel your pain.
Every slash, every hit, every burn and every immoral verbal spear.
I wish to feel them break my skin and release my blood onto this broken place.
I wish to stand and fight with you.
I wish to get my hands dirty not just for you or me but for all of mankind in this split land.
I am not black and he is not white but we don’t care.
He is my brother as I am his.
We will march till we bleed, or drown
As long as we march for all of mankind
For peace,
For love,
For Equality,
And for truth
Then no being can stop our voices
Not as long as we are brothers.

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