Perspective of a KID

Tell them I’m kind

Tell them that my intentions weren’t blind

The fact that one characteristic could change one’s mind

My hearts racing but the beat slows I’m losing time

Death of silence to be truthful, all deaths aren’t so violent

Tell them I’m too free to be caged

Tell them the truth

That this equal rights thing was staged

And that at the right wage

Anybody of any age will disappear

Like the  turn of the page

Spiritual incets, smoke and sage

Speak of achievements,

and my faults

Open my life within this vault

Holding secrets that cannot be taught

Holding a lock looking for a key

The faith inside saying patience they’ll find me

In this vault I’m  afraid

My life could be washed away or I could be famous the next day

So who's to say I never win

Speak of politics

With a duck from disney who last card ends me

Thats a donald trump

Try to leave me in the dump

Left like a flower in time

I’m reaching full prime

Tell the judge to stop the time

People of the court i have solved this crime

In the verdict of Equality v.s the world

We find equality  guilty

For I am not filthy

You took my trust & Now I must

Fulfil duties you said you’d complete

To make our nation compete over products it’s cheap

It’s only over when I sleep The fact you spit on me

& leave me to weep  what kind of creep

Tell them to speak of me I am the crimsons Peak

There’s no raven rapping but yet they say nevermore
Wait no longer demons waiting at the door
You pressure me but not anymore
For simple mistakes you say impure
But when it comes to lives
Terms i never heard before
Like affluenza or stand your ground
But we all heard the sound
Because when that gavel pounds
There is no second round
No its a part of the law
So i let the trigger squeeze and
Now homeboy on his knees
Begging for his life saying please
But you left his echoes to the tree
Oh i forgot silly me
You won that case without a plea
If you'd do that to a human
What to make of me
I mean it's easy to see
A system where the underdog doesn’t win
Where we rely heavily on burdens and sins
To see what a person is within
Officials of corruption whom you can't depend
Binded no hands to lend
Set up from the beginning a will to bend
Just imagine a generation deprived with one button
I try to escape this social media game  
got our generation thinking that  
Showing your boxer is cool  
It's lame  
Ik millennials say the same  
That were tooo stuck in our phone to noticed who changed lanes  
But  these student loans build a bill  
That closes success gates  
That same micro making me soft  
Making the slight virus into coughs  
But some things u just cant turn off

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Our world
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