Peace Seen Through the Seams

Thu, 03/06/2014 - 13:18 -- samvkul

The days that pass us by, often leave without a nod of recognition or even a simple goodbye.


As we continue through our lives, there are many ideas that our complex mind contrives.


These ideas present us with the tools to recreate the world.


This place we live in has many faults, but it is a mirror of our insecurities, a canvas on which we paint the fruits of our labors as well as the salts of our misdoings.


If we were able to fix anything, despite our shortcomings, it would be the ignorant hate that many feel for their fellow man, as if they, themselves, were as flawless as a polished ring.


In today’s world, to present this vision is ultimately ludicrous, but what if were able to complete this task of world peace and seal it with a hopeful kiss.


Then we could say that all that we’ve done has meant something, everything around us is blurred as we save the world together and realize we all deserve to fly, we must repair every broken wing.


Peace presents an impalpable possibility that provides us with the hope to live on.

It seems to have become an issue that is only solved in our dreams, we have the power to make our broken dreams a stitched reality, join me as we rip our minds open at the seams.


Let the minimal amount of time we have serve as enough of a reason to end our continuing strife, for we must put aside our differences to realize the similarities, and to understand we have one chance, to take ourselves from the edge of death and be put back in the middle of life, together.  



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