Lonesome Love

Who would ever understand

The person that I am

He says he loves, he seems so sure

But he doesn't have a plan

I try and try and try

But only seem to fail

If I try one more time

It will be to no avail

I can't wait for this to end

It's way too complicated

All of my life skill

Just left me totally jaded

Sometimes I seem perfect 

And sometimes less than so

Sometimes I feel so worthless

But I can't pretend it's so

I want it to end so badly

But I don't mean in flames

If love and peace are madness

Then I want to be insane

Who's the one controlling me

Who's the fucking boss

I want so badly to be wanted

But I won't win this coin toss

Everytime you smile

And grab at my ass

I have to act interested

But the feelings all have passed

If every day is a new day

Then why do I remember

All the things the past has held

And every fucking sinner

I want it to be over

But sadly that's not right

I live inside a cocoon 

And I'll never reach the light



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