The Perfect Place

Thu, 06/12/2014 - 12:52 -- ryannk


I sit on a crooked tree branch

Leaning against it

As I stare out into the distance

Mountains tower above

Darkened shadows with white tips

Shrouded in pale mystery

Meadows crowd the land below

Alive with all colors of the rainbow

Purple, pink, and even gold

Along with colors only dreamed of

A brook runs past

Laughing as it trips over itself

Tripping and falling

An endless cycle of life

The breeze rustles the leaves above me

Playing hide-and-go-seek among the branches

It whispers to me all the secrets of old

I look down

The tall grass sways in the wind

An ocean of joy in this world of thought

Becoming part of my magnificent dream

There is no noise

Nothing stirs

My priceless memory is preserved

Forever in my thoughts


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