Cold Metal


United States
40° 7' 55.1784" N, 111° 41' 23.7156" W

Cold metal is no longer terror,
‘Till cold metal becomes warm,
Cold metal is her weakness,
Yet a friend that always warns.

She fears cold metal every dark night,
dreads when metal will find she.
Cold metal pressed to the temple,
Cold metal to the cheek!

Cold metal may not harm her,
For it owns no enemy.
Yet in the hands of the most weak one,
To death will metal lead.

In darkness she stands awakened,
Yet her tears it cannot see.
For cold metal’s to the temple,
Cold metal’s to the cheek!

Cold metal has finally found her,
Sponsor it used to seek.
Cold metal will not forgive one,
For a sinner she may be.

Cold metal is executioner,
Pressed to her powdered cheek.
Now cold metal will finally wound her,
Frigid metal seized by weak.

She welcomes the cold metal,
And the lessons it has taught.
Her world will finally fade away,
As cold metal becomes hot.


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