Sama-Sama (Tagalog for 'all together')


As the saying goes, in the city of the blind

The one eyed man is king

Well in the town of the mute, glorious is he who sings

And when the majority is deaf, he who listens is left,

To tell the blind and the mute what to do

This is how society works, a winding way of whispers and whimpers

Cowards and sinners

By standers, passers by

Questioners only answered by… other questioners

Bold adventurers preyed on my vultures

Critical thinker claiming to be open minded

But close their minds to the slightest criticism

Rebels with causes bluntly preaching anarchism

They could care less about your picket sign and what it says

A shame that your best efforts render them powerful

Still, like ants of a colony live lives of aimlessly running

Knowing nothing but do what their society designed them to do

There are causes to be discussed, and ideas not to me dismissed

Civilians who choose to resist, and millions claiming to exist

Black and white gradation, but the gray areas stretch for miles

This is not choosing sides, but changing minds

With out manipulation, a soul is born, and forever free

Sing! Kumbaya! Ku De Ta

All together, Sama-sama



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