Hurtful Society


United States
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wake up one day take a look in the mirror
i have something to say my message must be clearer
i will not be a statistic so my think must stay logistic,
theres a lot of wrong in this cruel little world
look how H.I.V just attacked that little girl
that hard working man can not get a job
look quick or you'll miss that old lady getting robbed
son, you're 15 why do you have a gun
what happen to other things teens did for fun
like a friendly phone call or a game of basketball in the fall
i guess not, seems like you cant take a jump shot with out getting shot
mam are you looking for your on c block? you're bailing him out? OK, lets turn the lock
sad to say this has been said way to much
in todays age woman, you better clutch your clutch
kids with peach fuzz running from the fuzz
all because they were in the stolen car trying to get a buzz
this is not the dream martin had , why cant that little girl have a dad
Micheal Jackson said black or white , so why fight?
this is not about the crips and bloods
this is not about thugs this is about giving a hug
see that homeless guy on they corner with a change cup?
yeah he just needs a pick me up
but you don't care right?
since you can go home, flip the switch and see light
go to kitchen and cook food to kill your hungry mood
turn on your plasma screen and watch the rockets beat the heat
well guess what that guy is out side still trying to beat the heat
this piece is not result of a evil rivalry
I'm just bringing to the light the doings of our hurtful society


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