I'm afraid to fall into my emotions, scared that the pain is too much, won’t STOP.


I've been weak, but remarkable strong. If I hold this emotion in much longer my heart will STOP.


I feel the emotion bubbling up, no longer blowing bubbles of poison trying to make them STOP.


I knew if I didn't leave, I’d give my worst self all that I got, I'd never STOP.


So off I ride, eyes open a clear view, it’s living season, just existing STOPS.


Time waits for no man; the journey of living doesn’t STOP.


My mistakes are self-inflicted, I'm no victim, the value of my dignity never lessens or STOP.


I'm so tired of running this rat race, to nowhere fast, I'm blessed my heart didn't STOP.


Reaping the seeds sewn when I was lost, Karma will come knocking, she won’t STOP.


Starting anew in a familiar place, hoping to put my pieces in a better place far far away, my final STOP.


I know the road ahead will be tough, the devil is busy, temptations never STOP.


Thinking I am in control leads me astray, this way of thinking has to STOP.


I have to stand firm, breath, pray, be still, just STOP.


The intrusive memories of the worst of me, my upbringing, military history, the grief will fade, but won't completely STOP.


HE will continue to strengthen the weakest parts of me, HE keeps his promises, HE loves me and that won't STOP. 


I heal how I heal, it may not be your way, but I can't STOP.


If my testimony bothers you, don't read it, listen to it, take a seat, just be quiet in the back seat, STOP.


The hate you express reflects the condition of your spirit, it has no bearing on mine, so just STOP.


I have my faith, it may have been tested, mixed, and stirred but didn't and won't ever STOP.





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