Looking for Her

Been lost for a while, I'm missing myself.
Filed a missing person's report on myself.
No posters, picture on milk cartons, or hashtags.
No tee shirts, search parties, or evidence bags.
But there obviously has been a crime here.
Charges should be a filed an arrest warrant is needed here.
Someone is missing, a beautiful soul is lost I fear.

Turn over every stone, someone has to care about her destiny.
Help her find her way back to her only family.
Send love her way no matter where she may be.
I'll leave a light on, just in case she finds her way back to me.
My heart will hurt until the day you're safely home where you supposed to be.
Lost and found, I'm praying to be able to yell from the heavens with glee.
The day I find that girl that has been missing, that girl being me.

This poem is about: 


Marques Perkins

I'm proud of you and God hears you ask and you shall receive.


Thank you Marquis,
God speaks through me. Allowing me to share my testimony through the art of poetry. --londafaye81

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