Arising Depths

I stood bare foot up first words whisper, to adapt I must adopt. An image no more a minority to the wide spread hatred we call war.
This time now my native tongue fades, paradise only whispers in waves. I was born to no such freedom. The swift cold bitterness grasp hold squeezing.

A new beast aboard massive floats, darken the skies casting shadows
closing ashore.
Now face the wrath of the titans furious stare, only merciful in superior
sets driven to despair.

A passing of slated ancestral scenes, that still stand victims weary to a past still glares.
First power strikes divine beliefs, follows wicked of land death claims, and now more greed conquers all in luxury.
Time will tell true colors, in all the world stays green.
Now arise beyond rotting
death fields of grewsome hate.
A distant reflection of faithe,
in salvation, despite reason,
inspite believing,
forgive thy sins upon and within.
The blood that flows in me, lays no kind sight to this pain. No more sorrows, history rivals truth define ways.

I arise to stand as one, the legend now lays a measure in freedom. I descend, foretell a place once in peace.
I stand head high now hear me.
A storm of waves echo through
the souls of the pass.
Reflect in clear waters seek whats just.
Arise above and beyond eternal eyes.
Now stand witness in endless pride. The spirits climb, break tombs deep,
reach pass horizon, fight the tides.
Pure hearts form arising depths,
from below deeper darkened shadows,
now the tallest highest peak is set.

"Mother land"

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Our world
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