A Letter to the Ocean

You are forgiving

Although your strength can rip all things tangible

And envelop them,

Carry them to your darkest depths

And coldest crevices

Although you could sink

All life

You choose to let it float

Your palms infinite

And smooth,

A mirror for the

S k y itself


You teach peace and forgiveness,

Strength and     confidence

Without words

But with sounds.

Sounds so consistent

Yet so unpredictable


You speak with your movements

And your playful interactions

with whomever can be reached by your rhythm

You     y  e  l  l  

When you want to reach further

To touch the evil

To warn the oppressors



I’m sorry


Until you forgive


You sway

And remind our lungs how to breathe

You pulse

And remind our hearts how to beat

You dance

And remind our souls how to love


You push and you pull

You give and you take

You captivate my eyes

Whisper to me

Ensure me

You are everything


This poem is about: 
Our world


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