The Peace Rose By AnaMaria King Hillsborough County

The peace rose tenderly tended grows,

In multiple seasons through out the year,

It’s opening beauty dispels war’s fear.

And tokens of friendship with a foe sows.


I grow the creamy hued rose in my heart,

And feed it with love for friend and for foe.

Hoping its fragrant allure will sow,

Kindness for all that will never depart .


My heart is a living garden of roses,

Alive to the actions of the kind and the cruel.

The peace rose is it’s crowning jewel.

Secure in His love no real danger poses.


Whether you hand me a rose or a thorn,

I’ll hand the rose with its petals soft,

The same if you live in a mansion or croft,

Love I impart because , I am from above born.

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My community
Our world
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