Stevie B


Although those many years have passed

Having every bit of reason to grasp

The true message in his songs

Seen him twice in Hartford, Ct

That brother made a dent in my true memory as a young G

Spring love made me fall in love

Then it was in your eyes what a surprise

Onto Diamond Girl that's when I smoked a lot of weed

There was no one quite like the likes of Stevie B

Many young girls had lost their virginity to his soft melody

Mr. Post Man because I love you to name a few

Back then the tunes to late night high school dances

Caught up in trances with his smooth romances

Man they don't make music like that anymore

everything is vinyl now & tapes are out the door

going to the beach with the roof top down on my car

love was never so good when Stevie B was in the hood

faces, spaces & traces

beats blowing your mind

I once could see but today's youth are blind

to get your eighties groove on just leave it to the man

In My Eyes did it come at any big surprise

The music industry today is not the same everyone it seems is insane

We need a blast from the past as Stevie B

Let's see him make a good come back

cause folks today are giving me a heart attack

from the heart let us never depart until the end its just me & Stevie B

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