Sat, 03/16/2019 - 11:37 -- EddyR12

Liberation of the mind, of the voices from behind, leave us blind to the motives we may seek. Catching us weak, in a moment so long, a week, we lose what is reality. How it’s supposed to be. Seeing these things we never wanted to see. In our head, the present voices ask “Will I be freed.” Has fate punished me for so much greed? The happiness, the soul, unlike those who bleed. Taking for granted the life I’m in? Always being tempted to make sin? No! Stop. I need to grin. To be happy that shadows don’t look beyond me. That there is someone who is thinking of me. Why die now? The shadow left on the floor wonders how. The ones who didn’t know, expressionless, “Wow.”. Hanging in silence, but is this peace in the world that we know? Have we resolved? Did we help others grow? If I stood one more time, and spoke, would they listen? Would they understanding the knowledge that they would be missin’. Do I know now how far I can go? No. But making it worth it. Don’t accept your mind at it’s low. Don’t allow it to consume you, please look at the pros- and cons. Start making some bonds and be free. Feel free from pain and aggression. Alone, but awake. Able to make a difference. We can survive recession, no phone, nothing at stake, we can see the difference. Change who we are, not for others, rather for what we really want. People may not see it, but make them see it. The truth, we can all make it so far, we can be brothers, think further than words of a taunt. People may not be nice, but giving it back to them displays the price. Don’t let the world tell you how to feel. That, is the truth.


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My community
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Our world


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