Letter To The Slaves

Wed, 07/19/2017 - 11:55 -- Neftee

To the slaves of freedom.

Here I go.
I used to feel pride in labor.
Oh what a brainwashed young man.
Now I struggle to even make it to work.
The boss rests their boot on my back.
Their riches are found in me.
I am their merchandise.
And I know,
They must have "worked hard to get their"
But I don't buy it.
They are simply dumb enough to follow corporate orders.
They are not supreme...
They are barely average.
And don't think that labor for mankind is good.
Paying taxes does not make you worthy
Labor for mankind is just that.
There is no glory in it.
No life.
No fire.
Why do we try so hard?
Is it because we want a better life?
How can goodness come from all these lies.
Don't try.
There is no power that they can wield over you.
Don't do it for them.
Don't be their bitch.
You work for them for now.
And you only do it for you.
Do it for money.
Do it for sustainability.
But leave as soon as you can.
I will be waiting on you at the other end of the road.
Life is not a dream.
But we have made it a nightmare.
Wake up!
And casually join me.
There is peace in anarchy.
And there is peace in rebellion.
But you must keep it peaceful.
And when the false gods start gropping for you,
Submit to their punishment.
You will be a light in the darkness.
An example of truth.
Be true,
I'll be right there with you.
Good luck.
Sincerely your friend

-A Fellow Slave


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