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My destination was not to your heart, but your mind.
Can I trick you into believing your mine?
Of course I can,
This wouldn't be my first time.

I'm like a serpent out to get you.
Your grass is too deep.
Do you mind if I cut it?
My price is really cheap.

I love playing games,
would you like to play?
I know every shortcut, every cheat, you'll never win.
Sorry my dear, we were never friends.

But I have lost before,
have I been outdone?
No, it couldn't be,
I only just begun.

The glare in my eyes is unconditional.
DO NOT, trust my smile
Don't believe in my touch,
even though it drives you wild.
My personality is my lure.
My lips, surely, will be your crutch.

Is your peace of mind with me destroyed?
Please, don't think bad of me.
You see, everybody has their own peace,
this is what I call, serenity.


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