Midnight Meet

When I feel despair rise in the back of my lungs

And the grip of it strangling me from within

Then I feel the call of my siren

Beckoning me for a midnight meet


Out if this beige bleak room

Away from this heart wrenching life

And into the peace infused darkness

With dazzling starlights.


Jacket, check

iPod, check

Kleenex, check.


Then I'm out

Out of the room where pain lies

And into the open black night

Where my siren has called and beckons me for a midnight meet.


And I sit atop the back door stairs

My arms wrapped in my jacket

My ears penetrated by a soothing melody

My hands clutching my just-in-case, wipe-your-face tissue


And my eyes dance at my siren in the sky

She is the brightest of all the stars

She brings me the greatest peace.

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