We are the change.


United States


ever since the air stirred with hatred

my veins haven’t been talking to my lungs


once my hands sunk deep into the sand

had plans of reaching deep

excavating the land

but the machines with their dark eyes beat me to it


their puppet masters thieving the hopeful youth

who don’t have the comfort of living in mansions or facing the truth

that the poverty line has been drawn and a permanent pencil was used

that we have to go school and discover the chemical formula to create a proper eraser and not


it off


we can’t say, “screw it all”

hegemony has hold of you and you got to fight him off

fight for the cause

fight for the loss

of minds

that have been washed

by the heartless “boss”

he’s in charge of it all

but not for long


get in the lab

start finding the proper formula to make that eraser

or soon we’ll be erased

and I am not a lab rat

so it’s time to escape


We are the change.



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