"Our Armor"

You can't see it but insults are weapons, actual weapons. Everyday
citizens use these weapons we were born with to harm other people.
Wake up, words hurt. We, the people, we have been trained, and, we
have trained ourselves to strategically use these weapons to defend
ourselves, to harm, or to completely break down and destroy our
opponents. We are all capable of using these weapons. When you say, "I
hate you." to a person, do you know what you're saying? better yet,
when you say, "You're worthless," to a person, do you know how they're
feeling? We need to wake up. Words hurt. Maybe some of us should have
taken advice from my grandma because she always told me that if I
didn't have anything nice to say, I shouldn't say anything at all, and
I sure as heck know the majority of racists, bigots, oppressors, and
just plain ignorant people didn't hear the words my sweet grandmother
would tell me at least every other day. We can't get rid of these
weapons, we, are attached to them, so I guess that really makes me
wonder, is it that bad to use them? For example, if Mike from just down the
block is being a complete jerk and you just don't, no you just
can't take his crap anymore, why can't you use the weapon God has
blessed and/or burdened you with to, not kill him, but just blow away chunks
of his ego until a bit of self-esteem is hanging off of his bruised
body like the last limb he clutches on to save a piece of himself? I approach Mike. To
which he responded, "You don't have the right to say anything to me." To
which I responded, youre wrong! youre so wrong! I feel bad for you! See i know i'm
right and I know my rights, trust me i have read and seen the 2nd
amendment, I know that citizens have the right to bear arms, so if you
dare challenge me, i have every right to come full force at you
without ever having a thought of hesitation. I could do all of that to
Mike, but i'm not going to.. because I know words hurt. See, I've
realized that our bodies are made of armor and each time someone dares
to use their weapons against us our armor gets a little bit stronger,
but our armor isn't made of metal. Our armor has a different look.
Armor looks like makeup and plastic surgery on women, and abs, and big
muscles on men. If you don't get it, I'll explain, see words are
weapons that prey on a person's self image and self worth. So
sometimes instead of fighting back, we create a shield of armor as to
make ourselves feel that much stronger and that much better about
ourselves, or at least we think we do, and this armor is built as to
make it harder for weapons to be used against us, because if a girl is
sexy and a guys smile is to die for... how could we possibly make fun
of them?.....You can't see it but insults are weapons, actual
weapons. Everyday citizens use these weapons we were born with to harm
other people. Wake up, words hurt. Wake up. Words hurt. I want to find
an attachment to try and silence these weapons, metaphorically speaking of
course because you can never really stop hate. I don't know, maybe i'm too optimistic. I just
want to find a way to stop it, I want to stop people from being so
quick to use these weapons, but how do you stop a kinfe that isn't
being guided? How do you stop a bomb that has potential locks on any
target in the world? How do you stop a gun that doesn't run out of bullets?


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