Politics According To Me


A conversation about politics gets most people uptight

then more people talk, even if they are wrong or right, He's for him, I'm for him, and it

seems people get judged by voting for a different color of skin


A conservative is a man who is happy with life,

As long as he has his binder full of wife's

But the man who is different and doesn't hold to his view

Is considered a communist who belongs in a zoo


It's exciting to watch political opposites bash,

within five minutes, the topic turns to "who has more cash"

then switched to "welfare", the one with the hair doesn't seem to care


This kind of conflict goes on for a while,

Until the threats and promises have created a pile.

But what some, looking on, fail to understand,

This is the talk of free people in a free land.


More adjustment of the economy would solve many ills

Even the wealth, so we can all pay the damn bills.

Bigger government can be the peoples' best friend,

The liberals are close to achieving this end.


Now the last question which we've failed to address

Is why American hate politics, which may be anybody's guess.

But America has two parties, not five or even three,

It's hard to make everyone happy.


I tried not making this poem lame,

I just wanted to describe the players in the game.

Politics isn't just for the wise; all you have to do is open your eyes


Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, and populist too, I'm one of them, and so are you.

Politics are pretty easy, if you're not sure, don't bother it;

If you don't know where you stand by now, you're probably a moderate.



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